Black and White Tumblr Themes

I haven’t logged on in a while and it seems like there’s still cisphobes on here.

When will you learn to respect people for who they are?


When someone starts supporting all different types of sexual orientations and genders


when they start trashing straight cis white people



why do people on tumblr think it’s ok to put down cis or white or whatever people? two wrongs don’t make a right friends


What the hell do cisphobic people even think of their parents… “EW MOM AND DAD YOU MADE ME YOU FUCKING DISGUST ME SICKOS” 

I cannot even fathom how someone gets so far gone like that but here we are in the cisphobia tag on tumblr and i’m just hating the amount of intolerance i see.

Before you jump to a conclusion that i hate transgenders or homosexual people i want to make it very clear that that’s not the case. i am intolerable of intolerable people. 

Being cis doesn’t make you any better than anybody who’s trans. Being trans doesn’t make you any better than anybody who’s cis.
There are bigots on both sides but none of them are helping anybody or doing the world any favors. There’s already enough hate in the world without cisphobic and transphobic people adding to it.

I’ve been told as a white cis male I have “privilege”


Privilege to do what? I don’t see how anything in my life is the product of privilege. Or what this privilege means for me? Seriously I have no idea what this privilege is because I’ve never experienced it.

Can anyone tell me where or how people like me are privileged?



Ever thought that the reason why people dislike you so much isn’t because of your sexuality or gender identity? It’s because you’re assholes to almost everybody.


So I have recently learned about cissexuality and cisgender…. But I don’t really understand why we need that term. If you are born a woman and feel like it, why do you need a term for it? Can’t you just be a woman? I mean, why do we need terms like transexual, cissexual, heterosexual? Can’t we all just be considered humans? Why do we fight for equality but yet categorized each other with names?


I really love post op/ transition pictures! They make me feel like people who have never been able to feel like themselves finally are able to see how beautiful they really are.

And to all of my fellow cis-people:
You’re beautiful too. Don’t let anyone make you feel different!

To everyone:
Make you happy. You’re soul and your body don’t always match so follow yourself and START THE ROAD TO HAPPY!!



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What the hell? I never said this…